We see patients who are referred to us from local physicians to treat their sleep apnea.

Some of these patients are missing all of their teeth and wear dentures. Fortunatelly for these patients we have a sleep devie that does not require teeth.  The device is called AVEO TSD and it works by suctioning out the tongue.  By doing this it moves the tongue out of the back of the throat, opening up the airway.  

Another option for patients who don't have any teeth is do get dental implants.  If they get at least 4 upper and 4 lower dental implants we can use them to support a dental sleep device that will snap into the implants and be absolutely secure in the patients mouth.  During the day the person would wear their incredibly comfortable snap on dentures. At night they would remove the dentures and insert the dental sleep device.

Implants help in keeping you chewing your favorite food, they help with smiling and now you know that they help with sleep apnea issues as well.

So give us a call to set up a consult for dental implants to get started.

We will make sure you have a pleasant experience and answer any questions you might have.

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