On his famous novel:

The Posthumous papers of the Pickwick Club, Dickens provided one of the earliest descriptions of a person with severe sleep apnea.

He created a character named Joe:

The object that presented itself to the eyes of the astonished clerck was a boy-a wonderfully fat boy-habited as a serving lad,standing upright on the mat, with his eyes closed as if in sleep. He had never seen such a fat boy,in or out of a traveling caravan; and this, coupled with the calmness and repose of his appearance, so very different from what was reasonably to have been expected of the inflictor of such knocks, smote him with wonder.

"What's the matter ?" inquired the clerck.

The extraordinary boy replied nota word, but he nodded once, and seemed to the clercks imagination to snore feebly.

"Where do you come from?" inquired the clerk.

The Boy made no sign. He breathed heavily, but in all other respects was motionless.

The clerk repeated the question thrice, and receiving no answer, prepared to shut the door, when the boy suddently opened his eyes, winked several times, sneezed once, and raised his hand as if to repeat the knocking. Finding the door open, he stared about with astonishment, and at length fixed his eyes on Mr. Lowten's face.

"What the devil do you knock that way for? " inquired the clerk angrily.

"Which way?" said the boy, in a slow and sleepy voice.

"Why, like forty hackney-coachmen," replied the clerk.

"Because master said,I wasn't to leave off knocking till they opened the dorr,for fear I should go to sleep' said the boy.

Here at Dental Solutions of Winter Haven we have helped many patients who feel like Charles Dicken's character Joe. We have been able to help them with a dental sleep device get their energy back. Also in treating the sleep apnea we protect their teeth from grinding. Teeth grinding or bruxism is associated with sleep apnea and snoring.

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